Europe texture map (4110)
Planetary Visions' Satellite Imagemap of the Earth now shows more detail and more accurate colour than ever before. Instruments on NASA's Terra satellite provide true-colour views down to a pixel size of 250 metres. We have selected the best images from the European archive to construct a cloud-free mosaic showing the land and sea surface from the Sahara Desert to the Arctic Ocean, from the Atlantic to the Caspian Sea.
Coverage: 25 degrees West - 50 degrees East, 25 - 72 degrees North
Pixel size: approx 250 metres (8 arc seconds), 500 metres (16 arcsec), or 1km (32 arcsec)
ResolutionColumnsRowsFile size300 dpi print width
4.0 km1,5521,2986 MB5.2 in13.14 cm
2.0 km3,1032,59723 MB10.3 in26.27 cm
1.0 km6,2065,19492 MB20.7 in52.55 cm
500 m12,41310,387369 MB41.4 in105.09 cm
250 m24,82520,7741,475 MB82.8 in210.19 cm