Iraq texture map (4111)
A mosaic of NASA MODIS true-colour images, giving total coverage of the territory of Iraq at a resolution of 250 metres per pixel, merged with 1km Satellite Imagemap background in places. Supplied with overlay layer showing international borders. There is a small amount of residual cloud and snow cover.
Coverage: 38 - 50 degrees East, 28 - 30 degrees North
Pixel size: approx 250 metres (8 arc seconds), 500 metres (16 arcsec), or 1km (32 arcsec)
ResolutionColumnsRowsFile size300 dpi print width
1.0 km1,4401,2005 MB4.8 in12.19 cm
500 m2,8802,40020 MB9.6 in24.38 cm
250 m5,7604,80079 MB19.2 in48.77 cm