USA texture map (4114)
Planetary Visions' Satellite Imagemap of the USA covers the entire country in natural colour at a pixel size of 250 metres. We have selected the best images from NASA's archive of moderate resolution satellite data to construct a cloud-free texture map showing the USA, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as southern Canada and northern Mexico.
Coverage : 59 - 135 degrees West, 22 - 55 degrees North
Pixel size: approx 250 metres (8 arc seconds), 500 metres (16 arcsec), or 1km (32 arcsec)

Enhanced by hill shading and a coastline mask, our 250 metre Satellite Imagemap of the USA is suitable for a range of computer graphics, GIS and publishing applications. Details such as urban areas, fields, roads, bridges and underwater sandbanks may be seen.

In print, the image supports mapping up to a scale of 1:750,000 at 300dpi. For 3D graphics, a pixel size of 250 metres makes it ideal as a texture map draped over 1km Digital Terrain data. Colouring is compatible with our global 1km Satellite Imagemap.

High-resolution images using the 250m Satellite Imagemap are available in our Image Library.
ResolutionColumnsRowsFile size300 dpi print width
4.0 km1,6639164 MB5.5 in14.08 cm
2.0 km3,3251,83217 MB11.1 in28.15 cm
1.0 km6,6503,66370 MB22.2 in56.30 cm
500 m13,3007,326279 MB44.3 in112.61 cm
250 m26,60014,6521,115 MB88.7 in225.21 cm