Planetary Visions offers a range of graphics production services, from 2D graphics such as maps to 3D diagrams, animations and interactive exhibits. We also provide consultancy and editorial services, and a range of services associated with Earth observation satellite imagery, from picture-finding to large-area mosaics and multi-scale zooms.
With years of experience producing published work for both print and electronic media, you can rely on high-quality imagemaps derived from satellite scenes, terrain models and digital map data. As 3D graphics become the norm rather than the exception in game and simulation software, we can provide accurate terrain and texture map data for run-time use: famous landmarks, historical battlefields or whole continents can be modelled and packaged to suit the format of your simulation.
The technical background of the Planetary Visions team means that a working knowledge of the environmental sciences, geology and astronomy can be applied at all stages in the development of a project, from inception through content design and story development to delivered product. Within our specialist field, we can help identify the most appropriate way to illustrate your story: the best data, the best treatment, the best angle.