Animated computer graphics produced by the Planetary Visions team have travelled the world in exhibitions, television documentaries, corporate video and educational software. Working on high-profile public information projects in Europe and North America we have developed considerable skill in presenting geographical and astronomical data in an accessible way to a non-technical audience.

We can work closely to a graphics designer's brief or apply our own expertise to the design of a sequence, from data acquisition and processing to 2D or 3D rendering. Using satellite images of our own and other planets and high-quality ray-tracing software, we can also offer photorealistic sequences for titles, commercials and feature films.

We have a continually expanding library of video animation and still work illustrating geographical, environmental and astronomical subject matter which is available for licensed use. Existing material can often be packaged with new work to give the most economical solution for a project. Check out our showreels below.

Earth Science Showreel (2018)

Earth Science and Astronomy Showreel (2004)