Earth at night texture map (4104)
Earth at night texture map
Using a camera system sensitive enough to take pictures of clouds by moonlight, military weather satellites provide a view of the Earth's surface at night. Light sources such as streetlamps in urban areas, gas flares in oilfields, bushfires and even the lights of fishing vessels can be identified. Worldwide night-time texture map data is available up to 1km resolution, supplied either as an 8-bit greyscale mask, or combined with a darkened Satellite Imagemap as a 24-bit full colour image.
Rendered views of our nighttime imagery can be found in our Library here
ResolutionColumnsRowsFile size300 dpi print width
32.0 km1,3506753 MB4.5 in11.43 cm
16.0 km2,7001,35010 MB9.0 in22.86 cm
8.0 km5,4002,70042 MB18.0 in45.72 cm
4.0 km10,8005,400167 MB36.0 in91.44 cm
2.0 km21,60010,800667 MB72.0 in182.88 cm
1.0 km43,20021,6002,670 MB144.0 in365.76 cm