Earth watermask (4106)
Earth watermask
Derived from a number of digital map sources, including Digital Chart of the World (DCW) and World Vector Shoreline (WVS), this 8-bit texture map provides a means of distinguishing land and water surfaces, with the option of showing rivers, lakes and icecaps. As well as the preparation of simple base maps, this layer allows different colour schemes or reflectance functions to be applied over land and water.
ResolutionColumnsRowsFile size300 dpi print width
32.0 km1,3506753 MB4.5 in11.43 cm
16.0 km2,7001,35010 MB9.0 in22.86 cm
8.0 km5,4002,70042 MB18.0 in45.72 cm
4.0 km10,8005,400167 MB36.0 in91.44 cm
2.0 km21,60010,800667 MB72.0 in182.88 cm
1.0 km43,20021,600890 MB144.0 in365.76 cm