Earth political layers (4105)
Earth political layers
Political map data is available either as an 8-bit country mask, or as a border overlay layer. Our country mask shows the major territories of the world with 254 unique values (brightness levels), allowing easy selection or highlighting of a country's territory. A secondary mask shows internal regions for selected countries. Our political overlay layer shows coastlines, international borders and some internal political boundaries, rasterised from digital map vectors. We can supply the individual data layers or combine them to produce finished maps in a range of styles.
ResolutionColumnsRowsFile size300 dpi print width
32.0 km1,3506753 MB4.5 in11.43 cm
16.0 km2,7001,35010 MB9.0 in22.86 cm
8.0 km5,4002,70042 MB18.0 in45.72 cm
4.0 km10,8005,400167 MB36.0 in91.44 cm
2.0 km21,60010,800667 MB72.0 in182.88 cm
1.0 km43,20021,6002,670 MB144.0 in365.76 cm