Earth ocean depth texture map (4127)
Earth ocean depth texture map
This texture map shows ocean depth in continuous-tone colour and hill-shaded, with monochrome hill-shading on the land. The emphasis is on the ridges, shelves, seamounts and trenches of the ocean floor, although lakes and major rivers are also portrayed. This map was prepared from a unique combination of traditional hydrographic survey data and the latest satellite-derived bathymetry.

Data Sources
Terrain: improved SRTM3 with GTOPO30 north of 60N and south of 60S
Bathymetry: ETOPO2 World Relief and GEBCO Gridded Bathymetry
Coastline and lakes: Digital Chart of the World (DCW)
Rivers: HYDRO1K hydrology, corrected to DCW rivers
ResolutionColumnsRowsFile size300 dpi print width
32.0 km1,3506753 MB4.5 in11.43 cm
16.0 km2,7001,35010 MB9.0 in22.86 cm
8.0 km5,4002,70042 MB18.0 in45.72 cm
4.0 km10,8005,400167 MB36.0 in91.44 cm
2.0 km21,60010,800667 MB72.0 in182.88 cm