Europe coloured by height texture map (4124)
With a pixel size of 250 metres, our Europe Terrain texture map provides a detailed view of the topography of Europe from the Atlantic coast to the Caspian Sea. The coverage extends far enough south to include the Canary Islands, North Africa and the territories of Israel, Jordan and Iraq. Optional overlay layers include rivers, lakes and political boundaries.
Data Sources
Terrain: improved SRTM3, GTOPO30 north of 60N
Coastline: World Vector Shoreline (WVS)
Lakes and rivers: VMAP

Coverage: 25W-50E, 25-72N
ResolutionColumnsRowsFile size300 dpi print width
4.0 km1,5521,2986 MB5.2 in13.14 cm
2.0 km3,1032,59723 MB10.3 in26.27 cm
1.0 km6,2065,19492 MB20.7 in52.55 cm
500 m12,41310,387369 MB41.4 in105.09 cm
250 m24,82520,7741,475 MB82.8 in210.19 cm