USA coloured by height texture map (4126)
With a pixel size of 250 metres, our USA Terrain texture map provides a detailed view of the topography of the conterminous USA, southern Canada and northern Mexico. Optional overlay layers include rivers, lakes and political boundaries.
Data Sources
Terrain: improved SRTM3, US NED
Coastline: World Vector Shoreline (WVS)
Lakes and rivers: VMAP

Coverage: 59-135W, 22-55N
ResolutionColumnsRowsFile size300 dpi print width
4.0 km1,4449144 MB4.8 in12.22 cm
2.0 km2,8881,82815 MB9.6 in24.45 cm
1.0 km5,7753,65660 MB19.3 in48.90 cm
500 m11,5507,313242 MB38.5 in97.79 cm
250 m23,10014,625967 MB77.0 in195.58 cm