Hi resolution global terrain texture maps (4129)
Terrain texture maps at a pixel size of 100 metres can be produced to order for any location between 60 degrees North and South, based on the most detailed publicly-available digital terrain data (SRTM3).

Data sources
Terrain: improved SRTM3, US National Elevation Dataset (NED)
Coastline and lakes: VMAP
Rivers: VMAP

Simple Cylindrical (latitude-longitude grid) with latitude of equal scale at the centre of the area of interest.
ResolutionColumnsRowsFile size300 dpi print width
800 m1,2001,2004 MB4.0 in10.16 cm
400 m2,4002,40016 MB8.0 in20.32 cm
200 m4,8004,80066 MB16.0 in40.64 cm
100 m9,6009,600264 MB32.0 in81.28 cm