Afghanistan texture map (4109)
A mosaic of 36 Landsat 7 images from spring-summer 1999-2001. Almost total coverage of the territory of Afghanistan at 240 metres, and a varying distance into neighbouring countries. Hill-shaded, colour-balanced and merged with 1km Satellite Imagemap texture map background. Supplied with digital terrain, overlay layers showing international borders, Afghanistan area mask, 85 placenames (30 for 1km data)

Coverage: 60 - 70 degrees East, 28 - 40 degrees North
ResolutionColumnsRowsFile size300 dpi print width
1.0 km1,6581,5007 MB5.5 in14.04 cm
500 m3,3163,00028 MB11.1 in28.08 cm
250 m6,6326,000114 MB22.1 in56.15 cm