Antarctica texture map (4115)
Our Satellite Imagemap of Antarctica uses data from four satellite systems to give a unique combination of realism, clarity and drama. The natural colour of ice and bare rock surfaces comes from a mosaic of Landsat images, with a subtle colour boost from false-colour AVHRR imagery. MODIS imagery is used for pin-sharp detail at the full resolution of 250 metres, with a high-contrast stretch bringing out subtle details across the vast interior ice sheets. Finally, CZCS imagery from our standard Satellite Imagemap of the World provides ocean colour based on chlorophyll concentration. Based on datasets assembled for International Polar Year (2007-2008), this texture map offers the most up-to-date snapshot of Antarctica's dynamic coastline.

High-resolution images using the 250m Satellite Imagemap are available in our Image Library.
ResolutionColumnsRowsFile size300 dpi print width
4.0 km1,5101,3066 MB5.0 in12.79 cm
2.0 km3,0212,61123 MB10.1 in25.58 cm
1.0 km6,0425,22390 MB20.1 in51.15 cm
500 m12,08410,445361 MB40.3 in102.31 cm
250 m24,16720,8901,444 MB80.6 in204.61 cm